In the age of digitalization and Industry 4.0, there is a global networking of the business world which creates room for new opportunities. At the same time, these opportunities bring new challenges for companies with them.

Manutecx takes advantage of these new opportunities and creates a digital collaboration platform that brings together companies with manufacturing needs and highly-qualified suppliers from Europe. With our help, companies can find the right business partner for their project.

Behind the platform is a large network of the CNC industry to ensure a simple and fast manufacturing process – both for the buyer and the supplier side. Our work is based on the highest quality standards of our customers and the current legal situation regarding data protection and compliance standards. The data exchange between customer and supplier takes place anonymously via data encryption.



  • Uncomplicated process without commission costs

  • Production based on German quality standards

  • Risk-free network extension of high qualified manufacturers

  • Time and cost-saving process management due to digitized order process


  • Digitized order processing

  • International network expansion

  • Email notifications for current orders

  • Compensation of unused machine capacities