With Manutecx, you control all your manuacturing orders via a platform. Digital process management saves you time and money allowing you to focus on your core business.

Our manufacturing process in eight steps:

  • 1. Inquiry With just a few clicks you can upload your manufacturing needs through our platform.
  • 2. Cost Estimate After inquiries went through our technical assessment and we have selected suitable suppliers, you receive a first cost estimate.
  • 3. Order As soon as we receive a written order from you the manufacturing process starts.
  • 4. Order Confirmation At the same time you will receive a confirmation of your order from Manutecx.
  • 5. Production Your order will be given to a partner from our supplier network. All suppliers are reviewed regularly based on our quality standards.
  • 6. Quality Control by Manutecx Before you receive your order, we’ll do a quality check at Manutecx beforehand.
  • 7. Delivery As soon as we’re sure that your order meets our quality standards, it makes its way to the given delivery address.
  • 8. Quality Control by Customers After receiving the order, the customer makes a final check regarding quality and further requirements. Only after receiving customer approval, payment of the manufacturer will be made.

A smooth manufacturing and delivering process can only be guaranteed if all required information regarding the order are provided by the customer:

  • Technical drawing
  • 3D model or step file (optional)
  • Necessary quantity
  • Specific requirements; e.g. material or coating
  • Delivery date and address
  • Information on desired transport (e.g. packaging or insurance requirements)
  • Documentation requests, (e.g. measurement protocol)
  • Other requirements